Tips for AnyProxy

AnyProxy customized rules not work

To solve this problem, there are two important points:

1) Install AnyProxy bin as global mode by npm install anyproxy -g

2) Pay attention to the URL you are testing. If it is a https URL, your AnyProxy process may just by-pass the URL.

Try a http URL like to see the result.

AnyProxy v3.x.x often crash

AnyProxy v3.x.x is not a stable release. If you use it, it will often crash and only leave you little error info.

Even if you know the error, you don’t know how to fix it.

What you can do maybe restart the process from time to time to keep it running.

So I recommend you use AnyProxy v4.x.x. For many crash problems in v3.x.x, it has fixed.